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Many of our clients seek to naturalise as either British or Irish citizens and come to us for advice, guidance and support through what can often be a complex and difficult application to make.

Our immigration team has experience in working with both the Home Office (UK) and the Department of Justice & Equality (Ireland) concerning applications for citizenship.  We provide expert assistance to clients who are considering making a citizenship application through either the Irish or British system – of course many applicants residing in Northern Ireland will be able to avail of either option!

There are a number of routes to British or Irish citizenship based on residency, marriage or association.  Both systems operate somewhat differently when it comes to assessment criteria and various tests that must be met.  For naturalisation as a British citizen, you must have sufficient knowledge about life in the UK and you must be able to communicate in English to a high standard.

Ireland has seen a surge in demand for Irish passports from those who are eligible to avail of Irish citizenship but also a rise in numbers from individuals who wish to naturalise as Irish citizens. We have been working closely with clients residing in Northern Ireland who seek to obtain Irish citizenship based on their marriage / civil partnership with an Irish citizen, also residing in the North.  Another means to obtain Irish citizenship is through registration on the Foreign Births Register based on Irish-born descendants.  In this regard, we advise clients from across the globe who wish to learn more about how they can avail of their entitlement to Irish citizenship.

We offer consultations for clients who wish to consider their options in applying for naturalisation as either a British to Irish citizen.  If you received a decision on your application and would like us to review it, contact us and we can go through this with you.

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