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Following on from the Review of Economic Migration Policy in 2018, there are
currently two significant changes to the requirements within an Employment permit
application that you should be aware about. These changes are set to take place
from the 1
st January 2020 onwards;

  • There is changes to the minimum remuneration threshold specifically
    for a Critical Skills Employment Permit.
  • There is a change to the duration of the Labour Market Needs Test.

It is important to note that if an application for an Employment permit is submitted
prior to the 31
st December 2019, these changes do not apply.

Changes to the Remuneration Threshold:

Firstly, for those occupations that are not on the Ineligible Occupations List and
therefore eligible for an Employment permit with the required experience, the
minimum remuneration threshold will increase from
€60,000 to €64,000 per annum.

Secondly, occupations that require a third level degree and are on the Critical Skills
Occupations List
. The minimum remuneration threshold will increase from €30,000
to €32,000
per annum.

Changes to the duration of the Labour Market Needs Test (LMNT):

The required duration of the advertising period within the Labour Market Needs Test
for a General Employment Permit and a Contract for Service Employment Permit will
increase from
2 to 4 weeks.

Therefore, from 1st January 2020 those Employment Permits that require a Labour
Market Needs Test must allow for advertising for a period of
4 weeks (28 days), on
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection/Employment
Services/EURES website before submission.

As mentioned previously those applications submitted prior to 31st December 2019
for any Employment Permit, will not be required to uphold these changes.

For more details on coming to work in Ireland, please contact:

Sarah Henry

Director of Immigration Services

Granite Immigration Law

Granite Immigration Law is part of Granite Legal Services which is a newly established business law practice in Newry City. Our solicitors are UK / Irish dual qualified. We have a dedicated immigration team working on individual and business immigration matters covering a wide range of matters from citizenship to employment permits and EU Treaty Rights.

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